Configuring OPENDS on Windows Cluster – Part 1

While working on an Identity Management Solution, I came across an LDAP directory service called OpenDS. This LDAP Directory Service is an open source solution based on JAVA. Due to the company standards, it was required to create an OPENDS Cluster.

After a lot of research on this topic I came to understand that the OpenDS provides scalability by supporting different replicated topologies for large deployments. It however does not support any Clustering. The documentation about the product was minimal and it did not help.
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Configuring SMTP Namespace Sharing between two Exchange Forests – Part 1

In this series of the Post I will be going through every aspect that is required to achieve a single SMTP Namespace shared between two or more domains. I will be considering that both domains have their Email Infrastructure based on Exchange Server 2007. This Path will allow us to cover complex topics in detail so that no body misses out.

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No Process is on the other end of the pipe

I recently came across a scenario where a 4 TB Western Digital (WD) ShareSpace which functions as a NAS had to be used to data storage.  I updated the NAS firmware with the latest build and was ready to get going. But easy things sometimes become more complicated and confusing.

So when I accessed the NAS Device from the Network it prompted me with the error message “No Process is on the other end of the Pipe“. Go On, Continue Reading!